Product description

Hydraulic wear-resistant submersible slurry pump unit, heavy duty submersible dredging pump is suitable for small, medium and large multi-series excavators, such as 120, 150, 220, 240, 300, 330,360, e...

Performance range

Outlet Diameter:100-400mm Capacity Q: 150-400m³/h Head H:15-40m Tonnage of excavator:10-40T..

Application Environment

1)Sludge treatment / tank cleaning / garbage pool / thickener cleaning / barge unloading 2)Garbage pit / incineration pit cleaning / waste pond dredging / sewage pit cleaning 3)Gold tailings mining / ball mill cleaning / sedimentation tank / underground soft mud collection pool / transport tunnel excavation / tailings landfill 4)Coking plant pit / slag pit / water treatment tank / cleaning pool 5)Digging a deep reservoir / pit recovery / sand dredging 6)Dredging and backfilling of trenches..

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- The bottom of the pump is equipped with a stirring device.At the same time, it can be equipped with two or more sides separate agitators.It prevents big solids from clogging the pump and allowing the solids to mix well with the liquid for easier handling.
- This pump can handle solid materials with a maximum particle size of 150mm, and the solid-liquid extraction concentration can reach more than 70%.
Note: Due to different working conditions, the pump output may also vary with the medium, operation on site, and conveying distance.
- The device is mainly installed on the excavator. The power is provided by the hydraulic station of the excavator. It can realize transfer the work site freely and the power source is diesel engine.It can solve the problem of power inconvenience when working in remote areas.
- Flow passage components : that is, the pump casing, the impeller, the guard plate and the stirring impeller are all made of high-chromium alloy. Other materials can be customized.
- The use of unique sealing device, free of frequent machine seal replacement, improve work efficiency