Product description

The SZWJQ submersible slurry pump is a hydraulic machine, which the motor and the pump integrated coaxially and work submerged into the medium .The product has excellent material selection, advanced s...

Performance range

Outlet Diameter:65-400mm Capacity Q: 30-2000m³/h Head H:10-120m Power P:3-315kw..

Application Environment

It is suitable for conveying liquids containing solid particles such as sandstone, cinder, tailings, etc. It is mainly used for the removal and transportation of slurry liquids in industries such as metallurgy and mine thermal power plants...

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The pump of the SZWJQ submersible slurry pump is coaxial with the motor. During operation, the pump shaft is driven to rotate by the motor shaft, and the energy is transmitted to the slurry medium to generate a certain flow rate, which drives the solid matter to flow and achieve the slurry transportation.

1) The structure of pump unit is dry motor lower pump type .The motor is mechanically sealed to prevent high pressure water and impurities from entering the motor cavity.

2) In addition to the main impeller, there is a stirring impeller as well, which can stir the sludge deposited on the bottom of the water into a turbulent flow and pump it.

3) The main flow passage component such as impeller and stirring impeller are made of high wear-resistant material, which is resistant to abrasion, corrosion, clogging, and has strong sewage discharge capacity. It can pass large solid particles effectively.

4) Free of suction distance limit,high slag pump efficiency, more thoroughly dredging.

5) It is no need to equipped with an auxiliary vacuum pump and the investment is lower.

6) It is no need to equipped with auxiliary stir and squirting device,which is easier to operate.

7) The motor is submerged underwater,so it is no need to build complex ground protection and fixtures,which make the management easier.

8) The agitating impeller directly contacts the deposition surface and controls the concentration by the depth of the dive, so that the concentration control is more comfortable.

9) The equipment is submerged into the water when working, no noise and vibration, and the site is more clean and tidy.