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The highly efficient wear resistant slurry pump is a single stage, single suction, axial suction cantilever centrifugal pump for conveying abrasive or corrosive slurry containing large amounts of soli...

Performance range

Outlet Diameter:40-300mm Capacity Q: 8-2520m³/h Head H: 9.7-142.9m Power P: 3-630kw..

Application Environment

The flow passage component is made of high-strength wear-resistant material, which is suitable for conveying slurry with strong abrasion, high concentration and large particles.It can be used in multiple stages in series within the maximum working pressure range of the pump.Depending on the medium being pumped, there are interchangeable flow passage components of various materials suitable for conveying abrasive or corrosive, large or fine particle slurries...

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The GMZ series pumps have similar structures except for the pump head parts (including the front and rear pump casings, the volute casing, the front and rear guard plates, the impeller, etc.),which using the same series of transmission parts.The structure of the pump head, the shaft seal and the transmission are described respectively below.

1) Pump head part: GMZ type pump is a double pump casing structure, namely the front pump casing, the rear pump casing and the replaceable over-current part (including impeller, volute, front guard and rear guard).

According to the working pressure, the front and rear pump casings are made of gray cast iron or ductile iron, which are opened vertically and bolted.The rear pump casing has a stop and is bolted to the bracket.The pump outlet can be rotated and installed at eight angles.The front and rear covers of the impeller have back blades to reduce leakage and improve pump life and efficiency.Each type of pump inlet is horizontal, and the pump rotates clockwise as seen from the drive direction.

2)Shaft seal part: There are three options for shaft seal, auxiliary impeller shaft seal and packing shaft seal, mechanical seal.

①The auxiliary impeller shaft seal: for a single-stage pump or multistage series’s first stage pump, when the positive pressure of the pump inlet is not more than 10% of the pump outlet pressure value,the auxiliary impeller shaft seal can be used. The auxiliary impeller shaft seal has the advantages of not diluting the slurry and good sealing effect.

②Packing shaft seal: The packing shaft seal’s structure is simple and easy to maintain. It needs to use shaft seal water. For the working condition that is not suitable for auxiliary impeller shaft seal, the packing shaft seal can be used.

③Mechanical seal: For the conditions that are not applicable to the above two shaft seals, mechanical seals are used to reduce the number of repairs of the shaft seal parts.

3)Transmission part: This series of pumps adopts the same series of transmissions, including brackets and bearing component.The pump shaft has large diameter, good rigidity and short cantilever, and will not bend and vibrate under severe working conditions.Single row tapered roller bearing and deep groove ball bearing are adopted. The combined use can withstand the maximum axial and radial load of the pump. The bearing is lubricated with thin oil.Sealed end caps at both ends of the bearing body can effectively prevent dirt such as ore pulp from entering the bearing.The pump is provided with two hose joints in the bearing body, which can be connected with the water source to cool the bearing, so it can work under high temperature to ensure the safe operation of the bearing so the bearings have long service life.