Product description

The S type pump is a single stage double suction horizontal centrifugal clean water pump for conveying clean water of not more than 80 ° C or other liquids with chemical properties similar to water. ...

Performance range

Performance Range Inlet Diameter:150-1400mm Capacity Q: 108-27000m³/h Head H: 8.6-140m Power P: 18.5-2500kw..

Application Environment

It is mainly used in water supply plants, air conditioning circulating water, heating network systems, building water supply, irrigation, drainage pumping stations, power plants, industrial water supply systems, fire protection systems, shipbuilding industry, mine water supply and drainage, etc.It has been successfully used in large-scale irrigation projects along the Yellow River, the Yangtze River and other rivers.Widely used in water diversion projects, urban water supply and drainage project..

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Product Overview

The S type pump is a single stage double suction horizontal centrifugal clean water pump for conveying clean water of not more than 80 ° C or other liquids with chemical properties similar to water. It is used in factories, mines, metallurgy, cities, power stations, water supply and drainage, and various water conservancy projects. The product has the characteristics of high efficiency, energy saving, excellent performance and high standardization.The head range is 10M-125M, the flow range is 126m3/h-25560m3/h, and the diameter range is 150mm-1400mm.

It can be designed and manufactured as heat system circulating pump of 80 °C-130 °C as well according to user’s actual requirements.The company has mass-produced high efficiency high speed heat system circulating pumps that  powered by steam turbines for many power plants and thermal companies.The speeds up to 3000 rpm.

The S series single stage, double suction split case centrifugal pumps with a diameter of 700MM-1400MM can pump river water and other high turbidity water. It is superior to other types of clean water pumps when pumping river water or other turbid water with a sediment content no more than 65kg/m. The service life of wearing parts can last up to 8,000 hours.If special materials are adopted, it can last up to 15,000 hours,which is more than double that of other types.

Product Characteristic

Gray cast iron or tombarthite high strength wear-resistant cast iron is used as the material of the pump.The material can also be changed according to the actual requirements of the user. The flow passage components can be made of ductile iron or stainless steel. The pump body seal ring is equipped with a unique sealing device, which can effectively prevent water channeling from high cavity to low cavity, especially suitable for pumping high turbidity sediment water. Pump’s service life is longer than other types of pumps.The inlet and outlet of the pump are both below the pump axis horizontally and perpendicular to the axis. The soft packing seal is used as the shaft seal. In order to improve the service life and adapt to the operation of the high-speed steam turbine, high-quality special bearing, tin bronze and babbitt metal bearing bush rolling device are used.When pumping clean water, the water used in bearing packing is taken from the top of the pump cover, and the bearing cooling water is taken from the pump outlet line.When pumping sediment water and other high turbidity water, it is advisable to use external water.

The pump is mainly composed of pump body, pump cover, impeller, shaft, seal ring, bearing and sealing rolling device.

The separation surface of the pump body and cover is on the pump axis, which can be easily repaired without disassembling the inlet,outlet pipes and the motor.

Bearing: The pump shaft has two single-row radial ball bearings. It can also be lubricated with grease or thin oil. It can also be tin bronze, babbitt metal bearing bushing rolling device.

Shaft seal: According to user’s requirement, it is sealed with soft packing and imported Bogman mechanical seal.

Drive: Directly driven by the motor through the flexible coupling, the pump rotates clockwise as seen from the motor end. The direction can also be changed depending on user’s requirement.

Material: For flow passage components or other parts, anti-wear and corrosion-resistant materials such as ductile iron and stainless steel can be used. It is widely used in desulfurization, decarbonization and environmental protection projects.